New Evacuations: Sunland-Tujunga

EDIT: Also: -New evacuation orders have been issued for between Haines Canyon and Alpine Village in the area bounded on the south by Apperson Street, on the west by Sevenhills Dr. and on the east by Glory Dr. Both sides of Glory Dr.

Advisory, Station Fire-Evacuations, URGENT CNS Network Advisory

The Los Angeles Fire Department has announced mandatory evacuations for residents of the following streets in Sunland-Tujunga:

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Seven Hills Drive;

Hillhaven Avenue;

Lonzo Street;

Dos Rios Drive;

Deliban Avenue;

Curland Avenue;

Terecita Road;

Terecita Place;

Samoa Avenue;

Samoa Place;

Parsons Trail;

Grenoble Street;

Hillrose Street;

Pinyon Avenue;

Fairgrove Avenue;

Glory Avenue;

Bellclaire Street.

The evacuations involve between 200 and 300 homes.

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