Did you do something with your hair? (we got a facelift)

Astute readers and people with eyes alike will notice that things look a little different around here. It’s true, we’ve given ourselves a facelift! Yes it’s very exciting, but try to contain yourself. Your family and coworkers will thank you for it. That said it is rather exciting and there are a few big changes we’d like to bring to your attention. This will only take a moment, I promise.

COMMENTS: Comments no longer require registration. Anyone can write anything at any point. This should make some things interesting and maybe a bit more dangerous like the old days. Really interested to hear what you think about this one btw.

ADS: Less of the site is being dedicated to ads now and we finally have a feature many people have been asking for for years- flat rate / self serve! Check out those little square ads to the right, clicking on them will give you an option to buy that spot for a week at a time. Those spots are only for Los Angeles and we tried to make those spots very reasonable price wise as well to allow for local businesses to get in on the fun without having to go through our big scary national ad reps.

RIGHT COLUMN: Is now filled with much more content such as recent comments, our all city twitter stream, a local blog roll (post a comment if we need to add you to that btw) and more photos. We felt that space was kind of being wasted before, so this should put it to better use.

For an overly wordy explanation of why we made some of these changes, check out this post on my own blog but really you know the important stuff now, so enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Did you do something with your hair? (we got a facelift)”

  1. I like it! The changes aren’t so drastic that you don’t recognize the site, but add great features. We’ll just have to look at a lot more of those anonymous commenter icons.

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