Mandatory Evacuations near the Station Fire

Quick follow up to that previous post about the fires, the following areas are now under mandatory evacuation due to the station fire.

— Starlight Crest Drive north to Green Ridge Court, including Forest Green Drive.

— Big Briar Way at Haskel.

— Donna Maria Lane, Indian Drive, Hacienda Drive, Alta Canada Road north of Lida Vista, La Canada Boulevard north of El Vago Street.

— Meadows Tract, Canyon Ridge to Aralia Road, north of Loma Alta.

— Big Tujunga Canyon between county Capm #15 and the Ranger Station as well as Camp Colby.

— Ocean Boulevard North of Fairhurst Drive.

— Little Tujunga from Gold Creek to Osborne.

— Briggs Avenue to north of Shield Street between Goss Canyon and Canyon Side Road including ArroyoDrive and connecting streets.

— All camps on upper Big Tujunga Road from the Ranger Station East Angeles Crest Highway and north to Chilao.

— All residences north of Loma Alta Drive between Lake Avenue and Canyon Crest above the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, including Camp Chiquita.

— Residences on Riverwood Drive near Big Tujunga Canyon Road.

— Alpine Village east of Big Tujunga Canyon Road

4 thoughts on “Mandatory Evacuations near the Station Fire”

  1. Just a heads up: At 1:30am, the wind has done a 180. The smoke has reached Highland Park and is headed WSW. It is going to be a hard to breath morning.

  2. I’m still up here in the zone off Canyon Crest in Altadena – seems to have missed us – thanks for posting this!

  3. Is there a reason local news coverage of the fire sucks? All day, it’s been a news blackout. People who don’t have the internet have to just hope that a.m. News radio reception will be good enough to find out what’s going on. The entertainment and sports shows have been on all day, but not even a news crawler from any of our crack-news teams. Thousands of us are trying to find out where the wind is headed and whether we need to prep to evacuate, but the dearth of news means we have to fo outside and stick a finger in the air to figure it out on our own. Unbelievable.

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