Venice Stalker Alert

Anyone know Carina?

Walking around Venice today I saw the above flyer taped to a wall. Actually about a hundred of the above flyer taped all over the place. Walls, light posts, street signs, even trash cans. Nothing was safe from Chad’s reach. You might think this is adorable or cute or even romantic. Of course you might also be a fool.

Lets look a little closer at this-

There is no contact information for Chad, so even if Carina does see this at face value she has no way to get in touch. UNLESS! Unless she already has his digits and simply hasn’t used it yet. And if that’s the case lets paint a picture of how that might have played out. Carina is flying back from a rough weekend in Vegas and gets stuck next to this guy Chad on the plane. Maybe they start off with some small talk, Carina just trying to be friendly and hoping it’ll end there, but no such luck. Chad won’t leave her alone and in efforts to get him to STFU she answers his pestering questions and says she lives in Venice but doesn’t say where. The whole flight Chad is trying to get her contact info and she’s not budging so at the end Chad gives her all his contact info then goes home expecting to get a call right away. Which never comes. Each day Chad gets more anxious about not hearing back from Carina and after a month of no calls (yeah, check the date on the flyer) he prints up a bunch of these and plasters them all over Venice hoping she’ll see them and be reminded of her undying love for that dude she met on the flight that she barely remembers because of her massive hangover. Of course she’ll never really see them because she actually lives in Boyle Heights or something and was just trying to run interference with the Venice bit.

Or maybe it is cute and adorable and Chad is just a huge dumbass and forgot to put his contact info on the flyer.

10 thoughts on “Venice Stalker Alert”

  1. Being someone who recently had an obsessed male “stalking” me, I find this to be pretty creepy.

    Like I said: Poor Chad, he sounds kind of stalkerish.

  2. Could it be some form of clever advertising, to get people wondering = attention? Wouldn’t be new, and certainly not new to Venice.

  3. Poor poor Chad. My guess is he’s an idiot. I mean, OBVIOUSLY she meant to call him because he’s such a dedicated, obsessive and devoted soul (something everyone wants in a man) but by some unfortunate mishap she “lost” his contact info, and now she’s walking around Venice staring at the posters screaming “TELL ME CHAD, TELL ME HOW TO FIND YOU!” to no avail. The sad cries of unrecognized love ring in the ears of Venice residents each night. Sigh.

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