Time to declare a war on arson?

Out with the old...
Out with the old...

Enough is enough. How many fires must we endure before we start treating arsonists as terrorists?

I know the jury’s still out on the exact cause of these most recent fires, but just consider all the endangered lives, wasted resources, interrupted commerce, health hazards, environmental damage, destroyed property and the psychological damage that one arsonist creates when he ignites a forest.

If it turns out that somebody did indeed purposely start one of these blazes, doesn’t he deserve an all-expense paid trip to Guantanamo Bay?

Or at least somewhere where he can chill out?

8 thoughts on “Time to declare a war on arson?”

  1. The jury is still out on how to reduce the amount of Chaparrel. It is a tinderbox waiting to be ignited. If you have a controlled burn during winter wouldn’t that be out of sequence and effect the naturalness of the chaparrel?

    Some enterprising capitalist need to figure out if it can be converted into a bio fuel.

  2. It just enrages me. The guy who lit the fire in Griffith Park–when I think of all the animals that died & the human lives put at risk, I just wanna pillory him in the town square, you know?

    *why* do people do these things? What leads a person to be THAT fascinated with fire that they would lose all perspective?

  3. Actually, I believe that periodic wildfires are a part of nature, the only complication is that people have settled in these areas. If there were no people or homes, it would not be as big of a problem — it would just be nature purging itself naturally.

  4. No.

    Please refrain from using the word terrorist…it’ s been used to death…and has been used repeatedly by our government to tear away at our civil liberties.

    Plus, you’re jumping to conclusions and raising terrorism hysteria when you don’t even know how the fires were started. We don’t need anymore terrorism BS jammed down our throats and I’m not unpatriotic for disagreeing with you.

    and i agree fully with darleene

    killing the cougar after it attacks someone for trampling on their territory is not the right thing to do

    people are the problem not wildfires

  5. @discarted: First of all, I wouldn’t call you unpatriotic for saying anything. Secondly, I know the source of these fires is unknown. I’m playing with a hypothetical, which is why I said “If it turns out that somebody did indeed purposely start one of these blazes.”

    @darleene: The only way that you could argue that a fire started by an arsonist is an act of nature, is if you draw absolutely no distinction between the acts of man and nature. Which would make for an interesting philosophical argument. Fortunately, civilization functions based on the laws of men, not on the laws of nature.

  6. well, your hypothetical is unfortunately aiding the terrorism BS hysteria that so many people in this country mindlessly bought into over the past 8 years due to sound bites, catch phrases, and articles/posts just like this one

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