See You Tomorrow Night For Classic Eats #7!

See you tomorrow at 6pm at the Reel Inn for Classic Eats: Hot Summer Nights Edition. The Reel Inn has tons of outdoor seating, which is where I’ll be with Metblogs signs.

Just FYI, the Reel Inn has a counter where you order, then they call your name. So come on in, get in line, get your order up and then come out and find the gang enjoying a beautiful LA evening.


The Reel Inn
18661 Pacific Coast Highway (just past Topanga Canyon Blvd.)


Bone up on your surfing trivia and we’ll see you there!

7 thoughts on “See You Tomorrow Night For Classic Eats #7!”

  1. Sorry to miss you Lucinda, see you next week!
    JC/Mr. Hooks — it was not quite the same without you!
    Matt — always a pleasure
    Queequeg — next time?
    Mohans — great to meet you! You represented Belfast, I mean, Dublin so well!

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