One Ring To Include Them All


Biking home along Sunset Boulevard last night, I found the above dramatic new addition being installed by a crew on the north side of the street adjacent to Local restaurant (map) in Silver Lake. Stopping to check it out I met the artist, Charles Sherman, overseeing¬† the finishing touches of its placement who clued me in to what it’s all about.

Titled “The Ring of Inclusion”, Sherman told me it’s the first of a series of Sunset Infinity Rings he has planned as part of an arts program partnered with the Los Angeles Opera’s upcoming Ring Festival. He pointed out that an infinity ring has no beginning or end; only one continuous edge or plane.

Set to be officially unveiled today at an 11 a.m. press conference, The Ring of Inclusion will be here today and gone tomorrow — literally just a one-day affair. But before it gets removed Sherman said he’s setting up searchlights and a Wagner-blasting sound system for a viewing scheduled from 8 -11 tonight, so check it out if you’re in the area.

UPDATED: (8.29): Stopping by last night, Sherman told me he’s gotten a stay of execution from the sculpture’s owner and the Ring of Inclusion will remain at its current location for a yet to be determined amount of time — and there just may be other rings to come, if the LA Opera in its infinite wisdom commissions more.

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