Win Tix to The Faint & Moving Units @ Club Nokia This Sunday!

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Sometime in maybe 2002 or so, I saw The Faint play at The Smell downtown. A couple hundred people wedged themselves into a solid column of humanity clogging the entire length of The Smell, which is basically a long hallway of variable dimensions, with The Faint playing at the very end. I could barely see them, because tall people at shows are always assholes & stand in front of short girls (I’m 5’1″). But it was still an amazing show.

The days of those eeny-weeny shows are over for The Faint, who will be playing the considerably larger Club Nokia this Sunday, but I’m particularly stoked by this pairing of artist & venue, since the sound there is so fantastic and The Faint’s dark, frenetic and detailed electro really benefits from a seriously hi-fi sound system.

Wanna go? Tell me about the first time you heard The Faint and what was going on in your life back then (no TMI, please). Consider it a little way-back machine. Info on Sunday’s show is here.

20 thoughts on “Win Tix to The Faint & Moving Units @ Club Nokia This Sunday!”

  1. First time I saw them was in 01, they opened for No Doubt. Instantly hooked! I’m now a huge fan, still have not missed and LA show of theirs since! Their sound is really like no one else, hard to compare, I think they deserve a lot more credit.

  2. even though i knew of them long before…the first time i actually saw the faint perform was back in 2004 i believe, when they opened for bright eyes at the grand arena downtown. they were ridiculous – so much energy i just couldn’t believe it. and, as much as i love bright eyes, i must admit that it was a bit odd for the dancing, sweating, thriving mess of a crowd to have to transition from the faint into the weepy, somber bright eyes tunes…an amazing memory! i would love to go on sunday!

  3. The first time I heard The Faint was when I heard Agenda Suicide. It was about 3 years ago and I was actually going through a pretty interesting time. I was actually trying to kick my child’s dad out of my house. HAHA (He was psycho, we weren’t together any more, and he was just making my life hard.) But this isn’t about a sob story. Agenda Suicide IS one of MY FAVORITE SONGS EVER!!!! And it reminds me of all the FUN I had around this time. When I would go out with my chick friends and hang out all night and escape all the lame drama. =) I have never seen The Faint or Moving Units and would DIEEE to see them both!


    Oh and I know how you feel about being short and shows! HAHA I’m 4’11! AH! =)

  4. Back in 2001 one of my friends sent me an e-mail with 4 songs attached to it. She told me I think you will enjoy these tracks. Back then I had dial-up internet so it took me a long while to download the first track out of 4. The first song I got to download was Posed to Death. I loved it and instead of downloading the other 3 songs (which were gonna take forever), I went out to buy Danse Macrabe. I wore that CD out and to this day is my favorite album. Moneywise I’m really poor so I’ve never been able to watch them live so this would mean a lot. And Moving Units is a great opening act. Sadly I’m not friends with the girl who introduced me to them, but I wanna thank her wherever she is. :D

  5. The first time I heard The Faint was in the car with my friends back when I was in high school going on a trip to Santa Monica. My friend popped in a cd into the radio and said to everyone that we needed to hear this. He skipped to track 3 and instantly the hard driving bass of I Disappear blasted out the speakers. So cheesy to say but, I lost control. I couldn’t believe that people were actually making music that sounded this amazing and fresh. Before the song was even over, I knew I found a new obsession.

  6. I first saw The Faint as a supporting act for another band. I instantly loved what I heard. I was surprised to find myself dancing as I hate to do so. After the show, I bought some CDs and found myself not being able to get enough. This happened about 7 years ago when I was bored with most music. It was refreshing to hear such a fun and amazing sounding band. 7 years later… still a fan and still dancing.

  7. The first time I heard The Faint was sometime in high school. My younger cousin played Danse Macabre at every opportunity (out of earshot of our grandmother, of course), and my friends and I soon became obsessed. I would listen to “The Conductor” over and over and over, trying to understand how a song so reliant on electronic elements could feel so organic and human. Clearly, I was going through the typical teenage angst back then. The first time I saw The Faint live was in college, at the Glass House in Pomona. It is still in the top 3 of my favorite (and possibly the most memorable) concerts that I’ve seen.

  8. The first time I saw the Faint was in 2001 when I was 16 years old. It was memorable for a few reasons: because I stayed up late for that show, I totally bombed my job interview at …. IN ‘N OUT! Omg. It was the first time I ever (successfully) used my fake ID (I mean, come on. Despite a Bettie Page haircut, I TOTALLY looked like a 25 year old chola from Moorpark).

    Oh, and it was the first time I was ever asked out on a date by some incredibly awkward, weird drunk rockabilly guy who kept telling me I didn’t belong at that show.

    Oh, and because my friends and I took the bus there, we got stranded when the last bus left without us.

    *sigh* Those were the days.

  9. The first time I heard the faint must have been when Wet From Birth came out. The past few years I had been obsessed with nothing but dark music like Joy Division, The Cure, Bauhaus, then all of a sudden I heard Paranoiattack through my gf at the time. It definitely started a new chapter in my life.

  10. first time I heard the faint was in 2004. I was a senior in high school and was just discovering indie rock. I came accross the Faint and immediately fell in love. I polished my dance moves just in time before they played coachella fest in 2005.

  11. First time I heard the faint I remember was almost 5 years ago. I was with my then girlfriend, and on the radio came on “Worked Up So Sexual”. I had no idea who or what the faint was, but being the cool radio station Indie 103.1 was, they would play it. We were in the car together driving back to our place, and we both listen intently to the lyrics and are just like “woah!” When we got back home, we made love. I guess I can say the lyrics spoke to us. So thank you to the Faint for that magical moment. I will never forget that =]

  12. a guy I was dating in 2001 introduced me to the faint, the relationship did not last, but my love for the faint has remained. unfortunately, due to school and work commitments I have not had a chance to see them live yet. lucinda, same height as you and completely understand the view issues.

  13. me + the faint. april 2002. i was a senior in high school, scopin’ my friends for a prom date, and this boy jesse (who later happened to be in hello goodbye) made me a mix CD that consisted mostly of the faint. i fell in love with the CD (not so much with the boy). they are the perfect mix for a dance party marathon.

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