Make It Funky: Win Tix to George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic This Saturday!

clintonI am SO excited to be offering these tickets to you guys! If you haven’t had a chance to see George with Parliament Funkadeli-cized, well, you’re missing out.

These dudes have been making it funky for 50 years, and as classics of the genre they’re still innovating, still inspired–there’s even a new album on its way! I’m not even a funk fan myself, but I love these guys. It’s just always a party–one with that “I’ve done this for so long, I don’t have to think about it anymore–I just go with the flow” kinda zen, if zen could be applied to a party, which I guess would actually be a great idea.

Wanna go? I’ve got a few pairs of tix to give away for their show at Club Nokia this Saturday (show info here). Wanna go? Tell me your favorite lyric EVER from a funk song. Doesn’t have to be a George Clinton project, although that may help.

8 thoughts on “Make It Funky: Win Tix to George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic This Saturday!”

  1. Dammit, I already have tickets for something else this Saturday. :( But “What Is Hip?” by Tower of Power is timeless, if maybe a little overplayed.

  2. but…but…you’re gonna be in Malibu, too, right?
    Funk is funk and I’d love to shout back at the stage, “It’s GOTTA be the DOG in me!”, but Metblogs is eatin’.

  3. I’m pretty sure the best lyric ever is from a song that George Clinton did with Prince called “We Can Funk”

    I’m testing postive 4 the funk
    I’ll gladly pee in anybody’s cup
    and when your cup overflow I’ll pee some more

  4. My favorite funk lyric is also the song title, “Get the funk out my face” by Brothers Johnson.

  5. I always got a chuckle out of “If I went to medical school, I’d be a booty doctor”, especially seeing nebbishy Louis Kababie singing it.

    Or, from the same song:
    The first thing I automatically see (is what?)
    What you got behind your lovely body (shut up!)
    Shut up? Look at the shape of your butt
    We gon’ get it going on girl, sho’ nuff

  6. My favorite funk lyric is “If it smells like that, it must be us,” by Black Eyed Peas.

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