Fix California With a Tweet


LASnark just broke the news about Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan to fix California. Since the elected guys have no idea what to do, they’re asking the internet.

The Governor would like your suggestions via Twitter. Simply post your idea, followed by #MyIdea4CA. I tweeted mine, which referred back to an earlier post here on Metblogs. All suggestions become part of an ongoing forum at

Why didn’t Villaraigosa think of this?

4 thoughts on “Fix California With a Tweet”

  1. OMG, like, the Governator is SOOOO wired!!! He’s CROWDSOURCING!

    Call me cynical, but I don’t believe for a second that any suggestions will be taken seriously, or even looked at.

    Maybe I should just do it anyway, though, as a sign of good faith. sigh.

  2. I do NOT Twitter. I will NOT twitter.
    This is a great idea.
    We have the first working monorail at Disneyland. We have the open space that gives us room for it and the earthquake faults that make digging a bad idea. We have a past heritage with them, too. This is a great idea.

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