Bras and Booze Tonight at Jenette Bras

bra_girlFor us busty gals, finding a sexy bra in our size can be challenging. We need strong support but we don’t want to look like we are wearing an industrial sling. Enter Jenette Bras where the motto is: “The alphabet starts at D.” Hallelujah!

Jenette Bras has been open for four months and tonight they are celebrating with hot jazz, cool drinks and lots of lingerie models showing off the store’s wares. There will be one night only discounts and bra-fitting demonstrations. Oh, you men are welcome too. (Does anyone really need to twist your arm to see hot babes in gorgeous lingerie? I thought not.)

Hot August Night at Jenette Bras
Tonight, Tuesday August 25
6-9 pm
4308 Melrose Ave. (near Scoops!)

During normal business hours, proprietress Jenette Goldstein offers personal fittings of a beautiful array of bras from size D through K.

As Jenette says, “Stand up straight and rock that hourglass, Honey!”

(hat tip to Thrillist Los Angeles.)

10 thoughts on “Bras and Booze Tonight at Jenette Bras”

  1. I want to go to this so much! But alas, Green Day was previously booked. I will be going to the store in the near future though, that is for sure…

  2. I have a busty friend (real, not phonies) who no longer lives in LA but every time she passes through she makes a trip to a custom bra maker that she swears by. Not cheap she says, but worth it. I’ll run this by her.

  3. SIGH. I have not gotten paid yet for the job that will allow me to buy a new bra. Though on the plus side, I am terrified to shop at Jenette’s because Near Dark and Aliens are among my all-time favorite movies and WHAT IF I ACT LIKE AN IDIOT?

  4. Since I’ve never been to Scoops (Westsider!) or to Pure Luck (Westsider!) I look forward to it very much! Just let me know. Maybe we can go shooting again after.

  5. Bras with cups D and above, but with regular band sizes, are super hard to find and pretty expensive too. I’ve only known of a few shops that cater to these sizes — one is in Monrovia, the Wizard of Bras, and I’ve been to another in Thousand Oaks. Good to know there’s one in LA, too — you’d think there’d be more with all the fake boobs!

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