[UPDATED] Yoga at the graveyard


[UPDATE Wed., Aug. 26: CBS 2 sent a camera and reporter to last night’s yoga class at Hollywood Forever. Watch the video  here.]

Do yoga, leave a beautiful corpse, I say. And now you can work on corpse pose at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, which, if you haven’t noticed, has rebranded itself as “not your grandfather’s graveyard.” (Who knew death could be so much fun?)

Toward that end, Antebellum Gallery is presenting Yoga Forever, a yoga class held at Hollywood Forever, on the lawn in front of the mausoleum (where they show the movies) every Tuesday at 7 PM.

This week, Yogi Camille Hines will lead the class with DJ Shawn Parker providing the soundtrack. Bring your own mat– and a blanket and warm clothing, they advise, to ward off the chill.

Bend, stretch, reach for the stars– the ones in the sky as well as those interred all around you.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90038. Yoga class is $20, includes parking.

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  1. That was my (dry) interpretation of their campaign to demystify death, not Hollywood Forever’s.

  2. This is starting to get comical. I was there for the movie “Paper Moon” recently, and was impressed with the size of the crowd and the creation of additional revenue streams during otherwise “dead” times of the day (sorry). It reminded me of former Warner Communications Chairman Steve Ross, who reportedly went to work for his father’s funeral home business, saw the funeral home limos sitting around at night unused, and began renting them out for bachelorette parties and other more lively nighttime activities.

    So what’s next the next no-respect-for-the-dead-but-money-making idea at Hollywood Forever? Raves? Polo matches? Music festivals? Human sacrifice? They could do a kick-ass Halloween party.

  3. @wilburfan: Didn’t I do that in the first paragraph? I guess I could have suggested a ballet class where you can practice the dying swan.

  4. I tried the Yoga Forever class last night. It was lovely and I feel great! Only a handful of people showed up on the lush lawn that serves a crowd of 3000, packed blanket to blanket, for Cinespia. Our tiny yoga class had this large, beautiful space, all to ourselves, which made for easy parking too. A DJ played inspiring music that somewhat overpowered our soft spoken Yogi, Camille. We were joined by a requisite black cat, clearly a local, that helpfully rubbed against my trembling leg to provide support while I strained to hold an eagle pose for “just two more breaths.” (Turns out these single leg balance poses are more difficult on grass.) A news crew filmed the event. Doing yoga outside, beneath the Summer Triangle, in such a peaceful setting, was totally worth the $20 and the 20 minute drive. The Yogi said they have a groovy room reserved at the cemetery to continue the class through the winter. I may have a new Tuesday night habit. Thanks for the tip, Chal!

  5. This is pretty wild. I sent the original post to a woman I know. She went to that class, and then told me about the news crew and the black cat. Surreal! She told the folks there that if they want more attendees, they should publicize the class on movie nights. Apparently, they hadn’t thought of that.

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