Bicycle Film Festival Rolls Into Town Next Week

bffFour Los Angeles Bicycle Film Festivals ago I answered their call for submissions by transferring this meaningless  trifle of a 2004 mountainbiking short of mine to VHS tape and shipping it off to their NYC selection committee HQ. Because I’m an idiot, it was way too easy to grandly delude myself into thinking my little waferthin wisp of a barely YouTube-worthy nothing shot over one laid-back downhill in the Verdugos had some chance of being accepted.

Yeah, no… it wasn’t. Not by a longshot no doubt because the festival organizers had this high-falutin’ interest in quote/unquote quality filmmaking. The righteous bastards. And how did I handle the rejection? Like a grudging asshole I’ve literally harumphed and pffft’d every festival since — which for a guy who purports to be such an urban cycling advocate is a bit like a gun lover hating on the NRA. If the NRA had a film festival. And a video he’d submitted to it had been rejected. I behaved in other words, like that tortured analogy: very much the painful epitome of lame.

So. Sensing that it’s high time I take yet another baby step in the long journey toward getting over myself , not only am I here to make amends for my irrational boycotts of past fests by trumpeting next week’s arrival of  the 2009 Los Angeles Bike Film Festival (LABFF), but I’m also planning to actually attend an event or two. So bottom line? Don’t be a selfish dick like me: Support Your Local Bicycle Film Festival!

From the LABFF press release:

This summer, the annual Bicycle Film Festival, returns to Los Angeles for its sixth year to present a cultural phenomenon like no other. Originating in New York City, the festival is a voice for the most powerful and culturally relevant movement of the past decade: the urban bike movement. The BFF brings together many creative communities, including fashion, music and art as well as various bicycling communities ­ including fixed gear, BMX, and road cycling — over a shared passion for bike riding.

I promise: nothing more about me and everything about the LABFF program after the jump.

  • bikesrockThe Los Angeles Bicycle Film Festival kicks off August 26 at 8 p.m. with “Bikes Rock!,” a concert at The Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock (2225 Colorado Blvd.) featuring performances by Deerhunter and other guests. The concert will be 18+. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased through Brown Paper Tickets directly, or by going to
  • The Bicycle Film Festival’s traveling art show ­ “Joyride” ­ opens on Thursday, August 27. A visual manifestation of the urban bicycle movement, “Joyride” brings together a diverse group of internationally established and emerging artists and members of the bicycling community all who share a passion for bicycles. The opening reception will take place from 6 – 10 p.m. at the BFF Storefront Gallery (4316 Melrose Avenue; near Heliotrope). Joyride includes Los Angeles based based artists Geoff McFetridge and Mearone, as well as work from Kenny Scharf, Scott Campbell, Steve MacDonald, Mike Giant, Artus de Lavilléon, and Cheryl Dunn. Directly following the show, join us for the afterparty, Details to be announced.
  • August 28 and 29, the festival will screen various shorts and feature films ­ reflecting the diverse experiences of bicyclists. Highlights this year include “Where Are You Go,” directed by Benny Zenga and Brian Vernor; “I Love My Bicycle: The Story of FBM Bikes,” directed by Joe Stakun; “The Third Wheel,” directed by Brian Schoenfelder; and “Anima D’Acciaio,” directed by Daniel Leeb of Cinecycle. All films will screen at the Downtown Independent (251 South Main Street, near 3rd Street). Afterparty with goldpsrints. Check the BFF site for location and details!
  • Wrapping up a week of wonderful film related events, we come together on August 29 for the official Bicycle Film Festival afterparty presented by Smoke and Mirors Life ­ Star Track. Dirty Dave, No MSG and Cosmic Kids have signed up to keep your body moving even after you lock up your bike. Drink specials provided by 42Below and giveaways from Grn Apple Tree clothing. Only a short ride from the Downtown Independent, the party is located at the Short Stop (1455 W Sunset Blvd., Echo Park) and starts at 9 a.m..
  • August 30, the L.A. Bicycle Film Festival comes to a close with its annual street party in teh Bicycle District at Heliotrope and Melrose Avenue in East Hollywood. From noon – 8 p.m., join in for fun bike games, a bunnyhop contest, fixed-gear challenges, free-style competitions and great music. The “Joyride” art exhibit will still be up and open to the public just across the street!.

The LABFF is sponsored locally by Red Riding Hood Productions, Huf SF, the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition, Orange 20 Bikes and Interview magazine. For more information or to purchase tickets visit

4 thoughts on “Bicycle Film Festival Rolls Into Town Next Week”

  1. Will if you do attend the bike festival, I suppose you will be prepared to see other bike factions that support biking? I supposed the fixed gear crowd will be attending but the BMX crowd are usually the showstoppers.

    Yes I am a bit biased with the BMX crowd, the kids I hung out with moved on from skateboards to BMX.

    Maybe you can direct me to the history of the fixed gear crowd?

  2. Phil, I’ve seen the BMX’ers in action and yeah they’re amazing.

    But I wouldn’t even begin to qualify myself as an historian on the fixed-gear segment of Los Angeles’ bike culture — especially since I’m no fixed-gear rider. I’m a single-speed freewheeler, very much like the BMX bikes your crew moved onto from skateboards.

    Jory: my pleasure. Hope to see you there!

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