Joey Chestnut Returns to Defend His Gyoza Crown


I ate a baker’s dozen of gyozas in one sitting once, and was pretty sure I was going to die.  Not so for Joey Chestnut, the reigning Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest champ, who downed 231 gyozas (a record) at last year’s Gyoza Eating Championship in Little Tokyo.  Joey instantly became an Honorary Asian for his Stomach of Iron.  On Saturday at 3pm, Joey returns to defend his record, and his Honorary Asian distinction, at the Third Annual Gyoza Eating Championship.  On deck to challenge his prowess will be other ranked eaters, including Tim Brown, Eric “Badlands” Booker (an eater/rapper, but no word on whether he raps while he eats), and Kevin Ross.  A seat at the competitor’s table will be auctioned off immediately prior to the competition, for those seeking to change up their diet a bit.  The championship will be held at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center in Little Tokyo, which is the midst of  Nisei Week 2009, a nine day celebration of all things Japanese and Japanese American (congrats to Dana Fujiko Heatherton, who was just crowned the 2009 Nisei Week Queen on Saturday!).

For those who think with their head and not their stomach, Nisei Week also will host, for the first time, a Rubik’s Cube speedcubing tournament (no, I didn’t know speedcube was a word either).  Registration and full schedule can be found here.

Allez cuisine!

Image courtesy Gene.arboit under a Creative Commons license.