Today’s Snapshot(s): Street Art Drive-Bys

I didn’t realize I’d compiled a quartet of drive-by shots of some of the various new and old street art along my route until I got home and uploaded them to my desktop. So instead of four individual posts, I figured I’d collage ’em all into one. Descriptions after the jump.

collage (click for the bigger pictures)

Top left: The mural from the old Indulge Cafe (now Island Fresh Fish Market) at the northwest corner of Redondo and Pico boulevards that ingeniously incorporates the awning as the bill of a cap. Oh, and that’s not a zombie walking, that’s a street performer in mid-dance routine — and it was pretty good!

Top right: On the west side of Redondo just south of Pico is this new “Laker Legends” tribute to Kobe and Magic.

Bottom left: Oldie but goodie on the northeast corner of Redondo and Adams Boulevard.

Bottom right: And lastly, it seems Antonio Villaraigosa may be the first mayor in the city’s history to have been deemed worthy of immuralization, as found on the northeast corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Madison Avenue.

Where were these taken? There were taken here, here, here, and here.

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