ICME: Puns in Other Languages

Great puns are hard to make.  Great puns in another language are even harder.  For example, my last name is Nguyen.  I was on my firm’s softball team, and someone asked me what name I wanted to put on my jersey.  I settled on “Nguyenner” but no one appreciated it until I explained that my last name is pronounced “Win.”  Lightbulbs flashed.  “Oh!” they said.  Hmph, I said.  I’ve been working here for how long?

Here’s Foreign Language Pun Exhibit 2, snapped through my dirty windshield somewhere on Olympic:

Ahn Top

This makes no sense until you realize that “Ahn” is generally a Korean last name pronounced “On.”  “Ahn Top.”  Ha!  Ahn-nestly, I wouldn’t put this Ahn my car even if my last name were Ahn, but it is entertaining once the lightbulb is turned Ahn.  See, learning foreign languages can be fun!

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