Win Tix to Los Campesinos! with Ramona Falls, Girls @ El Rey

los campesinosThis Friday the 21st Los Campesinos!, who are from Wales (not Mexico) will be coming to the El Rey in Hollywood to play a show which has been re-christened as a benefit for the family of a fellow rocker, Rachel Jensen of the band Parenthetical Girls. Her family was involved in a horrible car accident and her mother was killed.

All proceeds from the show will now benefit the Kris Jensen Memorial Fund, a trust organized to assist the surviving members of the Jensen family with the mounting financial strain of their medical care, as the rest of them recover in the ICU. Yes, you’ll be winning free tickets, but buy a shirt or something.

If you’d like to attend this show, post a link in the comments to a favorite image of yours from Wales, plus info on where it was taken. I’m planning a trip to the British Isles next year & want to check out Wales for a few solid days, so I need ideas. I’m just sayin’.

Info on the show is here.

3 thoughts on “Win Tix to Los Campesinos! with Ramona Falls, Girls @ El Rey”

  1. Well I love the new Doctor Who series, so I’d check out where the “Rift” and Torchwood headquarters. Which is just at the Wales Millennium center,-3.164696&sspn=0.003215,0.006459&ie=UTF8&ll=51.468011,-3.164256&spn=0,359.993134&z=17&iwloc=addr&lci=com.panoramio.all&layer=c&cbll=51.465002,-3.164463&panoid=yAIiTVUA3is84kYa2BngrQ&cbp=12,118.84947678440328,,1,21.29568106312288

    Street view picture of the center and a mysterious ghost in the foreground.

  2. The El Rey really needs to start earlier in the day. Doors at 7 please. Having the headliner start after 11pm is not my idea of how to excite the crowd.

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