Win Tix, Meet & Greet, and VIP Entrance to The Cult at Club Nokia This Saturday

Howdy rock fans! Wanna go check out The Cult live at Club Nokia this Saturday? We’ve got a buncha pairs of tickets to give away. Plus one grand prize winner will get 2 VIP Lounge passes, entrance to the Meet’n’Greet with The Cult at the show, and a limited edition poster. To win, tell me in the comments why you’re so damn deserving and why you’re a Cult fan.

Info on the show is here.


17 thoughts on “Win Tix, Meet & Greet, and VIP Entrance to The Cult at Club Nokia This Saturday”

  1. Because i love The Cult but wanna ask the lead dude what the hell that Doors thing was all about.


  2. Had tickets to see them during Sundance festival at Harry O’s in Park City but discovered I left tickets at home in L.A! Pick me!!!

  3. Why am I deserving? Because I’ve loved Ian Astbury since before he ever turned into Jim Morrison! :) Seriously though, Love was such an epic and essential album during my adolescent years and it’s still one of my favorites… seeing them perform it live would be a dream come true.

  4. I love them! They were one of the only “rock” bands that me and my snobby punker friends would openly admit to liking back in the eighties…
    Love and Electric are hugely under-rated albums.
    Also, they are one of the only bands that I love that I have never seen live!

  5. Cause my mom forbid me from listening to The Cult when I was a teenager… because they were “Satanic.”

    But despite her and Geraldo’s many warnings, I continued to rock Sonic Temple… my soul be damned!

    The Cult are truly one of the last great rock n’ roll bands!

  6. Because I turn 40 the weekend after and I want to my kicks in before the whole poohouse goes up in flames (agewise). (OK, that was the Doors still Ian was in Riders On The Storm for a little while at least that counts). I’ve never seen the Cult live and am willing to escape the hipster variety at Sunset Junction Saturday Night!! So there!!!

  7. I’m still a big fan of “Fire Woman,” “Edie (Ciao Baby)” and others for both the music and the lyrics. But didn’t Beavis and Butthead place “that dude from the Cult” on top of their list of prettiest rock and roll chicks? Yeah, heheheheh, that was funny.

  8. I am a true fan of the Cult because (1) I still have my cassette tape of Sonic Temple and (2) I saw them in 10th grade at the Great Western Forum on the Sonic Temple Temple tour. They rocked an amazing show that blew my adolescent mind, and which I remember fondly as one of the last great arena shows I’d gone to. Even more interestingly, the opener for the Cult in 1991? Just try and guess……Lenny Kravitz! During his “Let Love Rule” phase no less! While many of my fellow Forum patrons were wary of Lenny, he is an adept guitarist and turned out to be a great prep for the Cult. All that said, I’d love to come full circle and see Astbury and the boys again.

  9. Growing up in Indiana, I was an avid listener and fan of The Cult around my country-music colleagues. Little did I know that I’d become the closet goth that I am today despite being a grown-ass man today with a professional gig. However, I still love to crank up ‘Dreamtime’ and ‘Love’ with the occasional dose of their earlier Death Cult/Southern Death Cult material as well. Santcuary has been sold indeed.

  10. Seeing them play the entire “Love” album will be amazing! I’ve loved that album since it came out in ’84, and still regularly play Sanctuary, Rain, and The Phoenix. Also, love their first album “Dreamtime” as well as their Death Cult and earliest, Southern Death Cult incarnations. [God’s Zoo, both versions are great songs!] Also, “Electric” rocked pretty good, but it was better when they originally recorded it with the “Love” producer. Scope out “The Manor Sessions” for “Electric Ocean”, “Wildflower”, “Love Removal Machine”, “Outlaw” and more done in the style of “Love”!!!

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  12. I wanna go to The Cult because I had a sucky day. Got a blood test. And I swear she took the needle out wrong on purpose to see if I would cry. Now I have a mountainous blood gobule on my left elbow. I love the Cult. Used to work for them as an Intern. Would love to hear LOVE live. WIll take one of my homies from Junior High or my friend who takes me out alot. Thanks for promoting the show! Nokia! Saturday night or else! Yo!

  13. Thank You LA MetBlogs
    I still rock The Cult n casette
    Like these other homies who have expressed their reasons
    I live nearby and would never flake
    Will party it up with Justin
    I just gots to go!

  14. Out of 14 responses vs “a buncha pairs of tickets to give away”… the odds are pretty damn good for a win. But, has the notification of winners gone out? Shall I try to buy my own way in?

    Thanks for the chance, regardless!!!

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