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top_photosThere’s pretty much nothing about this not to like… where to start? The folks over at Go Topless Dot Org think it’s unfair and sexist that men can walk around with no shirt on while women who try the same thing will likely be charged with indecency and fined at the very least. And they’ve got a point really, which is why it’s not illegal in most other places around the world.

Of course, for the most part dudes that walk around with no shirts on are usually the last people on earth you want to see in any state of undress. Even at the beach, trust me I live there. Most dudes are either fat and hairy or muscley and waxed but in either case they kind of make you want to vomit when you see them. As much of a dream it is to think if women could walk around topless it would be 100% hot chix all the time, we all know that really the ladies who would be all about flaunting it aren’t the ones you want to check out. But that’s just fair, if one sex of ugly people is allowed to shove their junk in your face, the other should be to.

And to gain support for their reform movement, they are going to have a topless protest right here in Venice Beach on Sunday, August 23rd. At noon protesters will gather at Navy & Ocean Front Walk, take off their tops and put on nipple shaped pasties which are apparently legal in Venice and march around causing a ruckus. It should be fun for the whole family.

That alone would be a good enough story, but wait! There’s more! Who is behind all this? One of my favorite conspiracy theorists, Rael who you might know as the founder of The Raelian Movement who believe, in short, that humanity is really just an alien science project. This is too good to be true.

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  1. I’ve been looking for a reason to get down to Venice before the summer’s
    over, now I have two reasons.

  2. The Raelians? Weren’t those the guys who “Got tired of their containers” a while back, and all decided to migrate to a passing comet? While wearing black Nikes?

    Somehow appropriate they want to free all caged boobs from their containers…

  3. If one stops and thinks about all the pointed details of this, it really is quite absurd.

  4. Like the site says,for over 15 years, it’s been legal in NY state for women to be topless in any public place (and on public property) where men can be topless. And it’s not like whole state turned into a French beach – the ruling just gave those that wanted to the legal right.

    Seems like kind of a half-assed protest using pasties. I have heard of similar rallies where the woman go topless but where masks. Defeats the point of the statement doesn’t it?

  5. I love the raelian’s, I can’t take them serious, they are almost a parody of some of the other believing we are planted by aliens that I just have to chuckle. Moobs aside, it could almost be worth going to Venice to see what really happens on the 23rd.

  6. I imagine some local girls joined in with no idea that this was a Raelian sponsored event. If this was a genuine effort, I’d have no problem with it. But it was a shameful publicity stunt by a UFO sex cult, lead by megalomaniac leader Claude Vorilhon, known to his followers as Rael. This protest was no doubt a sleazy publicity ploy to generate attention for his whacked-out cult. How could the city give permission to these nut cases? And no this is not an “only in Venice” happening. The same day, he organized the same thing in nine US cities!
    Gotopless, proswastika are Raelian sites that will lead you to his site, which I don’t want to publicize- but there are videos- cringe, filled with his delusions of grandeur.
    The following is just a sampling of what I gathered from a quick internet search…
    “Regarding the Rael, there are at least 5 serious of sexual abuse cases and various investigations still pending in France. Under claims of harassment from the French government, Rael sought residence in Switzerland in 2007. The authorities refused his application because many of his views are at odds with the Swiss constitution, notably his approach to children and sexuality. RAEL PREACHES A DOCTRINE OF “COMPLETE SEXUAL LIBERTY” AND BELIEVES PARENTS SHOULD SHOW THEIR CHILDREN HOW TO OBTAIN SEXUAL PLEASURE, “which by its nature can lead to sexual deviance with underage children,” the authorities said in a statement. Another reason was his association with the Clonaid human cloning claim; they will clone you for $200,000. Switzerland forbids human cloning. (Sounding familiar? Remember that weirdo dressed in a white robe, claiming to have cloned a baby, Eve whom no one has seen?)
    Rael then set his sights on North America and is now living in Canada.

    Rael, laughingly contends that the cloning controversy was perhaps a simple stroke of genius to make his movement known. “Even if you want to think that we did all that only for publicity, it is wonderful. If that is the case, we are promotional geniuses,” he says. “But if what we say we did is true, we are also scientific geniuses. In any case, we are geniuses. Wonderful. In any case, we win.” In an interview earlier this year, he said analysts estimated the media attention was worth nearly $500 million in free publicity.

    Until Clonaid was set up in the late 1990s, it was these erotic aspects of Rael’s movement that caused the most controversy. Critics claimed that lonely men were attracted to the group in the hope of getting some orgy action. Rael meanwhile (or ‘His Holiness’ as he preferred to be called), in contradiction to his liberationist philosophy, was said to have told many of his most attractive female followers that they must preserve their sexual favors for the unique enjoyment of the prophets. Of course, this would have redounded to Rael’s advantage, as there’s only one prophet around at the moment – him.”

    So girls, if you really want to take your tops off, please do it for yourself and your own ideals! Don’t allow your breasts to be used as a publicity stunt for this lecherous old fart willing to do anything for attention and publicity, or in this case manipulate your innocence in order to bring attention to his “movement”!

  7. It is so sad that most of the comments are so shallow, trying to be funny but they only show a lot of ignorance…The word CULT come from the latin CULTUS wich means “to adore, to venerate” WE raelians do not venerate or adore anithing since we are ATHEIST. How can we be a cult?
    I am a Raelian for 20 years and I can see how for some people is easy to talk about things that they don’t know nothing about(as usual).
    Unfortunately, that is the society that we live in, sick and shallow.
    We live in a society for whom is OK for a child to witness thousands of killings on Tv, movies and wars and yet we cover our bodies with fear and ignorance thinking that we’ll damage the children. A gun is OK but a nipple is the monster!

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