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Geysol Johana Lopez Vazquez Fitness Zone

In this post, I feel I must partially recant my complaints about lack of public communal spaces in Los Angeles.  At least on weekend days (albeit still very little at night, and notably less on week days), my local park is well occupied by families on picnics, and both children and adults engaged in semi-organized sports, especially soccer.  Of possible note is that English is not exactly a prominent language in such communal interaction, but there is no reason why it need be.  Moreover, sometimes our city government does something that is simply nice.  A recent addition to mid-town’s Pan Pacific Park is a collection of outdoor exercise equipment.  I am pretty well impressed by the design of the equipment that relies wholly on gravity mechanisms rather than separate weight stacks–that is, the resistance is against the weight of the exerciser herself, appropriately leveraged (more-or-less).

Accompanying the equipment itself is a sign indicating the importance of fitness and use of the machines, with guides to body mass index, calories burnt and consumed, and so on (some details not shown in below image of only one side of the sign).  The choice of language for the sign is perhaps not the best one for its target audience, but the intention seems admirable still (perhaps the addition of an adjacent Spanish sign would be helpful though).

Exercise in the park
Exercise in the park
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Welcome to The Trust for Public Land Fitness Zone

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