Tonight at Black Maria Gallery: Mutation, A Vinyl Toy Show

The Black Maria Gallery in Atwater Village is presenting a new exhibit called “Mutation,” opening tonight, Saturday, August 15th. From their website:

A hot generation of vinyl toy artists has been steadily infiltrating the art scene with their unique visions. These designers take a common “platform” toy, and through their creative and sometimes wicked sense of imagination, transform what is ordinary into the extraordinary.

Twenty-one artists participated in the show, including Rosie O’Donnell, whose custom figures will all raise money for charity. Another creator, Nathan Hamill, is a friend of mine who will be displaying and selling several  versions of his first vinyl figure, Boris, that have been customized by various people.

Boris by Nathan Hamill
Boris by Nathan Hamill

We’re never too old for toys, right? So, go over to the Black Maria Gallery at 3137 Glendale Blvd tonight for the opening reception from 7-10:30 pm. The custom pieces will be be on display through September 5th.