ICME: Trouble In The Guerrilla Garden

Guerrilla Garden snapped with my craptacular phone cam, bigger with a click.
Guerrilla Garden snapped with my craptacular phone cam, bigger with a click.

In a nearby cul-de-sac in my Silver Lake neighborhood, a neighbor with an affinity for gardening has undertaken a beautification project atop a small, neglected patch of earth.

The green-thumbed gal in question works only under cover of darkness, thus this garden popped up seemingly overnight. Up until a few weeks ago, this derelict corner was just sad, dry dirt. Now, a variety of plants and flowers have been cultivated there.

Alas, there is trouble in this guerrilla garden. Some leafy residents have gone missing! It would seem an interloper covets the life on this land and has stolen some of the plants.

I know this based upon the sign in the garden. Join me beyond the jump for a close-up of the sign and an opportunity to help…

While the garden has been developing for several weeks, the sign is a new addition in the last few days.

Notice to a plant thief.
Notice to a plant thief.

The hand-printed sign reads:
“Hey Plant Thief (I know who you are.) Bring all the plants back or I’ll place flyers of your face everywhere. I have a security camera (dummy!)”

Make of that what you will.

Clearly, this theft has caused some consternation for my plant-nurturing neighbor. Do you have information regarding this landscaping larceny? Can you help return the plants to their loving home?

Please leave any tips, clues, or helpful hints in the comments below. Information leading to the arrest and conviction of the Plant Thief will be reciprocated with great praise and admiration. And maybe a small potted plant.

3 thoughts on “ICME: Trouble In The Guerrilla Garden”

  1. Sure it wasn’t a wild critter eating them? Just asking. Skunks are notorious for ripping up gardens (mine included) to get to roots and bulbs.

  2. As a matter of fact, fraz, that’s my theory, too. We’ve got a couple of skunks in the area, and it seems a far more plausible possibility.

  3. Given the gardener’s reaction for that plausibility to work she would have to: A) have surveillance evidence that the thief is a critter and, B) consider it entirely sane to address the scavenging species in a language/sign it clearly can’t read while figuring, C) posted images of the animal might actually cause it embarrassment.

    Having said all that, I agree this is a four-legger’s doing. If there was actual photographic evidence of a human culprit the green-thumb should just cut to the chase and paper the hood instead of threatening to.

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