Free Health Clinic at the Forum Reaches Capacity

Remote Area Medical, the organization that organized and coordinated a superhuman effort to provide free health care services to the uninsured and underinsured to LA-area residents since Tuesday at the Forum, has officially reached capacity for the duration of their one-week stay.  Starting at 5:30 a.m. every day since Tuesday, RAM has provided services from primary care to cataract surgery to thousands of people, most of whom waited in line for hours upon hours, and some of whom were ultimately turned away as the organization’s daily capacity too quickly hit its max.  On Wednesday, RAM took a page from old skool Ticketmaster and began distributing wristbands to those in line.  Those who received the wristband were told to return for services sometime between today and Tuesday.  As of the end of Wednesday evening, all wristbands and numbers have been distributed, and RAM will not see any band-less patients.  As they warn on their Twitter feed: “If u dnt hav a wrstband, pls do not drive or walk to The Forum.”

A sadly overwhelming success.  Let’s get on with this health care reform thing, shall we?

3 thoughts on “Free Health Clinic at the Forum Reaches Capacity”

  1. Further proof that the raging naysayers shouting down their elected representatives at town hall meetings across the nation do not represent those who are uninsured and in need of comprehensive health care.

  2. as many have suggested just host a townhall there, even with all the shouting from the pharma people just seeing the reality makes a stronger case for health care reform

    i am just really happy this is getting major coverage not just in LA but nationwide (NY Times, ABC, etc)

  3. How about having these situated throughout the area during the same week so one particular spot doesn’t get overwhelmed?

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