The Kitten Saga Continues

Well, thanks to Metblogs and all you lovely people (ok, two people in particular) the kittens I posted about have a lovely new home!

I want to thank Metblogs readers Edith & Dan, of Alhambra, for adopting the kittens now known as Moxie and Marvin!

Moxie & new kitteh-mama Edith hanging out.

A few more images of them in their new home behind the jump.

Marvin overcomes his shyness for kibble.

Moxie & Marvin chow down: yum!

Marvin showing off his sweet pad.

More pics are here at flickr.

3 thoughts on “The Kitten Saga Continues”

  1. Hooray!!! you did awesome getting these sweeties new homes… whoo hoo! I totally love that lil orange one… trust me, if I wasn’t going away for three months, I might have snagged him for myself ; D

    congrats on your two new little ones, edith and dan!!!

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