Los Angeles Should Start Making Trains


The state is broke. Unemployment is high. So, why are we still outsourcing production of our rail cars to other countries?

Curbed reports that delegates from 12 Korean companies are on their way to bid on a $45-billion contract for our state’s high speed rail network. I’m sure they’re all fine companies. So are the ones from Germany and Italy. But, what if Los Angeles got into rail manufacturing? The city claims that it wants to be the “clean tech” leader.

Los Angeles is home to the largest port complex in the nation, the world’s fifth busiest airport, the country’s largest municipal utillity, world-class research universities, an unparalleled workforce, and the largest manufacturing center in the nation. From pipe-fitters and electricians to engineering PhDs and Nobel Laureates, the business and labor communities are teaming up to make Los Angeles the most productive place in the nation for cleantech. The City is building on these assets with billions of dollars of investment and attractive incentives to make Los Angeles the destination for the cleantech industry.

Would a clean tech high speed rail network fit the bill?

If Los Angeles, and the state of California want to get back on track, we should start building trains. Here. In our town. California needs them. So does Florida, the Midwest, and the rest of the nation. An American high-speed rail network – made for Americans, by Americans.

We’ve done this before. Why not do it again?

4 thoughts on “Los Angeles Should Start Making Trains”

  1. Southern California is a natural place for this kind of industry. This is right up the alley for our ailing aerospace industry. Lots of brilliant engineers who have made their living building high performance air and space craft would be perfect to build a new generation of high speed rail systems.

  2. yeah, sure, let me just steal those blueprints from those german, italian and korean companies first.

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