LA Times Gets a New Blog-esque Look

Witness the new website for the LA Times: it looks like a blog  – a longer scroll to the bottom, a new font, and a little more blog-like.

Before (an October 2008 screen grab of the LAT’s old website):

Former LA Times page

After (this morning’s revamped page):

LA Times

What do we think?

6 thoughts on “LA Times Gets a New Blog-esque Look”

  1. Much better. But then I read through their list of improvements and the one that struck me says, “We’ve simplified our articles, making them easier to scroll without interruption from related content or advertising.”

    “Simplified our articles?” For the simpleton demographic their now going after? I’m hoping they meant visually simplified.

  2. I gotta agree with Lucinda; a Gothic font would work best. It is bad enough that the insistence of black type on white substrate is maintained (the best readability is conceived by white type on black) even as the paper faces bankruptcy. There is also the the print production mindset’s fractured adaptation of LAT onto World Wide Web. However, I will agree that there have been a few improvements, such as the links bar being placed beneath the plate.

    The obvious simplification of the on-line version of LAT reminds me of the colouring-book approach the paper took a few years ago when it was re-designed. Now the on-line version seems to be picking up hints from the Pasadena Weekly: larger type, easy features and aiming for the decaying baby boomer set.

    Perhaps it is Sam’s last chance to make a mockery of what little remains of LAT’s, erm, credibility?

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