CUPCAKE ALERT! Magnolia Bakery coming to Los Angeles

magnoliaMagnolia Bakery in Manhattan’s West Village is opening a shop in Los Angeles, and the Blackburn and Sweetzer blog is speculating their new digs will be on 3rd St. and Orlando.

Today, the NYC bakery’s PR confirms that Magnolia is in fact expanding to Los Angeles, however, is not at this time confirming the location. So, keep your eyes peeled on 3rd and Orlando for scrumptious clues. I know I will.

(Thanks to my cupcake-loving friend Cheryl for the tip. She said, “i can’t wait…to wait in line for a magnolia cupcake again!”)

One thought on “CUPCAKE ALERT! Magnolia Bakery coming to Los Angeles”

  1. I know that they’re supposedly one of the best, but really, LA has tons of cupcake places already, and the cupcake craze has sort of died down. Now, if they’ll have a cupcake truck as well, then maybe, since that’s the new gimmick.

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