Classic Eats #7: Hot Summer Nights VOTE!

classiceatsThe Voting can commence!

We are breaking with the routine a bit here and opting for some hot summer night locations for our next Classic Eats. Based on suggestions, the votes include more ocean oriented locations as well as another Hollywood Classic Margarita Mexican place. There is also a spot for write in votes on this ballot as well, if you have a Hot Summer Night Classic Spot that comes to mind.

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Click on past the jump for more info on the three locations listed.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The Reel Inn: This place has been open for about 30 years and serves fresh seafood and cold beverages in a rustic and very beach casual way. Spend the day at the beach then head over to the Reel Inn for great food to be eaten on the outdoor patio as you watch the sun go down. Dude, that is so LA.
The Reel Inn

Quality Seafod/Old Tony’s: These two spots have been there for about 50 years each. We’ll grab some seafood ¬†chow (or chowder if you like) then head over to Old Tony’ for a great view and a great mai tai in the souvenir glass.
Quality Seafood
Old Tony’sa

Lucy’s El Adobe: A mexican spot near Paramount Pictures and old Hollywood. Lucy’s was known for movie clientele but more so for the music crowd that came in. The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt to name a few. They have a great outdoor patio to relax and be social as we sip cool drinks.
Lucy’s El Adobe

4 thoughts on “Classic Eats #7: Hot Summer Nights VOTE!”

  1. I am so torn! Reel Inn looks great, but I also love the Redondo locales. What to do…I will think and get back to you.

  2. Okay, I’ve made my decision. Reel Inn! And Julia, Michael (my friend from the last one) also wants to put in his vote for the Reel Inn. Just lettin’ ya know…

  3. Lucy’s was where Jerry Brown used to take Linda Ronstadt when they were dating. I went when I worked nearby; it was good.

    Redondo, however, is where my Indonesian/Chinese mother in law would take us for crab and God knows what else when she came to L.A. Had to go with my personal history.

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