Not Your Father’s Clowns: Go See The DingBat Show Tomorrow Night!

dingbatSure it’s a cliché, but Mondays generally suck. Just ask that cartoon cat Garfield or Office Space‘s Peter Gibbons. If you do end up with a “case of the Mondays” tomorrow, I can suggest a cure. Laughter is supposedly the best medicine and The DingBat Show delivers. Four talented clowns promise to entertain you with their absurd, silly, and often quite bawdy show. Yes, I said clowns. Get over it and prepare to have an evening of fun that you will want to tell all of your friends about.

I can’t make any promises about what you will see, but the two shows I’ve been to have included, among other hilarity, burlesque performers, puppets, ping pong balls, and a potty-mouthed mother. The L.A. Weekly describes past events as, “Killer clowns have infiltrated Silver Lake, but these bozos are not to be feared — unless of course you’re scared to die laughing.” Unless you hate fun, I highly recommend taking a break from your usual routine.

The DingBat Show is tomorrow night, Monday, August 10th at El Cid in Silver Lake. Doors are at 7pm, show starts at 8pm. El Cid it located at 4212 Sunset Blvd. and can be contacted at (323) 668-0318.

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