This Week In Los Angeles Fashion

Fashion Train Wreck
Fashion Train Wreck

Spotted this morning while waiting for the train, an Ed Hardy explosion. Here is a guy who is taking brand loyalty to the max. Wearing a baseball cap, t-shirt, flip flops and carrying a messenger bag – all Ed Hardy branded, he is clearly making a statement. And that statement must be, “Sure, I may not appear to be very cool , but look, every piece of clothing I own is Ed Hardy so how you like me now, bitch?”

Here’s a fashion tip for you brand whores:  If you just must wear an article of clothing that prominently displays the name of the designer, just wear one piece at a time, mmk?

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  1. What a douche. And then there’s the bag, the Douche’s bag. Good thing he doesnt have a hose……

  2. There was a guy at my (tiny liberal arts) college who we called Tommy. I have no idea what his name really was, except that it wasn’t Tommy. But that’s what happens when you wear head-to-toe Hilfiger for all of orientation week.

  3. omg…flippies are beach wear not to be worn in public like that. Gads what is the world coming too. (At least they weren’t crocs).

  4. Flipflops are the new Crocs. As a nation, our fashion screams “slacker.” This is why the foreigners are winning at everything.



  5. Re. Ed Hardy, an article in Los Angeles mag a couple months back had a long article about Christian Audigier (sp.?), the “mastermind” behind the Hardy and Von Dutch fads. Audigier, (who is French) was quoted in the article saying something to his designers (who do the actual designing) along the lines of, “Make it garish and tacky because Americans have no taste and love that look.”

    Which kind of compounds Lucinda’s comment.

    LA mag article is here; it’s a good read:

  6. Maybe it was Ed Hardy.

    Or maybe the guy was on his way to race his Ed Hardy Formula 1 car at Laguna Seca, and got dressed halfway to save time.

    Maybe Ed Hardy is paying him a whole lot to be a walking head-to-toe advertisement. Let’s hope so.

  7. Coming soon, just for frazgo: Ed Hardy branded Crocs.

    I must say, although I despise all the gaudy Ed Hardy (and my other “favorite,” Affliction) branded threads that have been vomited upon the pseudo-hip in L.A., all that crap does serve a purpose. It’s an advance warning system. When I see a hyper-colored and bedazzled hat, shirt and bag on the street or in a crowd, I am able to discern from some distance that the person clothed within is, in all likelihood, a colossal douchebag. I am able to give them a wide berth, thus minimizing contact and making me a much happier person. Thanks, Audigier!

  8. @Chal: I think there’s probably a good bit of cross-over between Hummer drivers and Ed Hardy wearers.

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