Korean BBQ Cook Off TOMORROW!!

Korean bbq pork (galbi) - just one of many wondrous foods that await

It’s supposed to be a beautiful 81 degrees tomorrow right around Koreatown.  What a perfect day to eat Korean BBQ all day!  Lucky for me, the First Ever Korean BBQ Cookoff is tomorrow – Korean restaurants will set up shop streetside and offer all sorts of Korean BBQ goodness, from bulgogi to grilled intestines.  Delicious.  Of particular interest is the Iron Chef for Eaters eating contest in which contestants will compete to eat a “mystery food.”  I’m thinking this could be as ho hum as rice (quick, how many bowls of plain jook can you wolf down in 3 minutes?) or as exciting as gopchang.  The main attraction, though, besides the intestines, is the 5pm cookoff that will be judged by  … (insert angelic halos and harps here) … His Royalty Jonathan Gold.  Other, less touted judges include Evan Kleinman and LA Times’ food writer Russ Parsons.  All the delicious kimchi-spiced details – including parking – take Metro if you can! – can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Korean BBQ Cook Off TOMORROW!!”

  1. Gopchang? I’m hoping for live octopus tentacles. Or maybe goat penis.

    Sounds good though. I’ll be in the area, but sadly I’m not sure I can make it.

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