Anti-HOA yard of the day: Pink with purple trim

purpletrimHDRtmvppubNo apologies to the Red Hat Society, to paraphrase for this old house.

“When I am old I shall wear pink

With Purple trim that doesn’t go or doesn’t suit me…”

I love this little house.  In a 50’s tract neighborhood of beige and gray the world is a bit brighter with their color choices.  I love the statuary. And dead tree in the yard.   This entire house and yard would never fly with an HOA and that is just fine with me.  Viva la individual fighting the beige and grey of this world.

Pic by me and does get a little bigger with a click.  “Anti-HOA” is part of a random series celebrating the individualism of our homes that bring life to LA’s neighborhoods.

3 thoughts on “Anti-HOA yard of the day: Pink with purple trim”

  1. I love it. I’d like to live across from it, though perhaps not in it. I wonder if the occupants would like MY ideas for outside home decor :)

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