You got your DJ in my coffee shop

FuelCoffee shops have long been a kind of alternative exhibition space for various forms of creativity. From the design of the space itself, to the words scribbled down by people amped on the caffeine, to what is hanging on the walls or playing through the speakers. And in almost a reflective relationship, it’s a pretty safe bet that the worse those orbiting extras are, the worse the coffee itself will be. And justly the better one is, the better the others are. That’s why when the folks at Intellivenice (that would be the Intelligentsia in Venice) say they are bringing in some DJs to provide the soundtrack of an evening it’s a pretty safe bet this will only turn an outstanding environment into something even better.

This Friday (coupled with the monthly first Friday Venice events) they are hosting DJ Nitedog, and then following that up Saturday morning with DJ Mayer Hawthorne. The crowds on Friday might make parking a bit rough so I’d recommend walking or riding a bike if you have the option, and Hawthorne Saturday will be just the thing to help you relax for the weekend. And if you like a little education with your entertainment, apparently there are still spots in this weekends home coffee making classes.

Venice Coffeebar, 1331 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291
Sun-Thurs: 6am-10pm / Fri: 6am-11pm / Sat: 7am-11pm