Classic Eats #7 – Save The Date and Make Suggestions

classiceatsHot Summer Nights and Classic Eats — what goes better together?

I’ve penciled in Saturday August 29 for #7 and would like your suggestions for some hot summer, open air, cool drinks classic places to go. (I still have a huge list of places for future Classic Eats, but the summer required more specific input…)

In the El Cholo wrap up, Jesse suggested Quality Seafood at Redondo Beach (been there for about 50 years) and then Burns! chimed in with Tony’s at the Redondo Pier — also been there for about 45 years. They have a great views and souvenir mai tai glasses. I also thought of The Reel Inn in Malibu–great seafood and tons of outdoor picnic tables to lounge around. It’s only about 30 years old, but pretty classic and nice on a hot summer afternoon/early evening. There also Lucy’s El Adobe for refreshing margaritas and yummy mexican food on their comfy outdoor patio. I also know Will Campbell has been to a place on Olvera Street for margaritas after a long day of work on a hot day. Nothing gets more Classic LA than Olvera street…

Think summer, think chill-out and make a few more suggestions please. I’ll open the voting in a few days.

5 thoughts on “Classic Eats #7 – Save The Date and Make Suggestions”

  1. I do love the Reel Inn, and it’s a straight shot from my house via Topanga Canyon. So from a purely lazy point of view, I’d totally do the Reel Inn. OTOH, I’ve never been to Quality OR Tony’s, so maybe that’s where my vote will go.

  2. Chances are good that I’m out of town that weekend, but I’ll definitely be there if I’m around. I should probably recuse myself from the voting, but…

    I’m going to go the opposite way from LuMi. While I love Tony’s, I’ve never been to the Reel Inn, so that’s the way I’d lean. Of course, those mai tais are really good. Dammit! Too many good choices.

  3. Looks like my attendance streak might be over. I have to be down in Irvine that night, so anything later than mid-afternoon is probably out for me. If there is a possibility that I can make it, Redondo is closer to Irvine than Malibu, so I guess that’s where my vote would go. Otherwise, don’t count my vote. :)

  4. Haven’t been to any of the places listed in Redondo or Malibu, but I think it’s high time that this shindig moves west…

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