Cirque Berzerk: A Look Back In Their Final Week

Cirque BerserkWell, if you count the Cirque Berzerk-related posts on this blog, you’d think we were on their payroll. I can tell you we’re not. We just love them! And we’re not alone. The LA Weekly & the LA Times do as well.

This is their last week of shows–there are only four left, Thursday through Sunday. I’m lucky enough to count photographer & chronicler-of-the-counterculture Curious Josh as a friend, and thanks to him (and the indulgence of his editor at the LA Weekly, Erin Broadley) we’ve got some pics to give you a sense of the vibe that you simply canNOT miss out on. I’d recommend buying tickets from Goldstar if you’re short on cash–the seats I bought through them were fantastic.

Descriptions calling it a cross between Cirque du Soleil & a Tim Burton flick are accurate. Throw in a dash of Cabaret and some fire, and an outdoor carnival atmosphere with a dance tent, cool vendors, and a giant flamethrower belching fire into the night air of Downtown, and it’s an inimitable experience. My recent trip down there two weeks ago left me thrilled. I know a few of the performers, and was prepared to notice any shortcomings in the performance the way you’re always a little self-conscious for your friends when they’re onstage; but I noticed no cracks, no gaps, no mistakes or flaws. I left as enthralled as I have been at any international-level cirque show.

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Composer & co-creator Kevin Bourque as the underworldly emcee.
Vaud & the Villains perform at opening night (and every night).

The cast, crew and audience all party together.

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