Cirque Berzerk Delivers and More…

Photo courtesy of Pixie Vision Productions
Photo courtesy of Pixie Vision Productions

This past Friday night I went to the performance of Cirque Berzerk and wow!  I was blown away!  It was a wild, fantastic and downright fun way to usher in the weekend.  I’m a sucker for any kind of performance:  movies, dance, theater, performance art, spur of the moment expression, whatever… I’m in.   It takes a special kind of drive to make art and I really respect it’s forms.  So of course, I see a lot of weird, not so great marginal stuff.  Not this time.  My mouth was hanging open and I laughed and sighed in excitement every moment.

The creators of Cirque Berzerk deserve an award.  I didn’t realize it when I went, but Kevin Borque, who created the show (he’s the riveting ringmaster as well) is someone I used to work with.  He’s one talented hombre, writing, producing, performing and running the show.  He and his partners have created a wonderful fantasy of performance, dressed it up with some sexy burlesque dancers and topped it off with a big wollop of circus acrobatics that will blow your mind.  From the moment you arrive you are caught up in an alternative atmosphere.  And it’s all about fun.

The main tent houses the performance, but before the show and during intermission there’s a fantastic band playing in another open air tent, with a great bar and characters of all sorts.  The crowd is as impressive as the performers.  You really step into another world when you get there.

Alas, this is the last week for Cirque Berzerk… and I can only say…don’t miss it.  The show has been extended a couple of times, but this is finally the last weekend.  It runs this Thursday through Sunday, closing on August 9th.  It’s downtown close to Chinatown at the Los Angeles State Park.  You can read more about it from an earlier post by Burns! here and see more pix to whet your appetite.