Mount Wilson in Flames

MWO logoAs of right this moment the Mount Wilson Observatory is still standing though flames are very close and people are extremely worried. This webcam shows the Observatory and surrounding areas (though the cam is going down frequently due to overloaded servers) which as you can see are fairly flame covered. As you probably know the MWO is over 100 years old and extremely important in the history of Astronomy including much of the observations and discussion that formulated the Big Bang theory. On Twitter, Xeni Jardin has been posting constant updates on this specific structure and the fires nearby. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Metblogs Meetup: Westside Edition!

In our many years of blogging about this city we’ve had plenty of public gatherings where we’ve forced writers and readers to occupy the same physical space and have very little blood loss to blame on it. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that actually some of these events have been “fun.” The one thing they have all had in common though, is they have been central or east side and definitely nothing further west than the 405. Well that all changes this weekend when we have the first ever westside LA metblogs get together, and we want to see you there!

The details are this: Sunday, September 6th – 4pm at Intelligentsia Venice (1331 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA). This is exciting for another reason because the folks at Intelligentsia have offered to fire up the legendary 1972 La Marzocco machine just for us. If that means nothing to you, don’t worry the rough translation is there will be especially awesome coffee available to those of us who want it. Depending on how many people show up we may just take over the entire place, or maybe just the the back seats. Guess we’ll see. If you think you can make it please say so in the comments so we can get a rough idea how many people to expect. Expect the event to be highly blogged, photo’d and tweeted of course. All readers, writers and other bloggers are invited so pass it on!

Meryl Streep monologues performed by men

streep-teaseHow to honor Meryl Streep? No actor has been credited with as many career peaks. Each  time it happens, she surpasses herself before a few years go by, trailing awards in her wake.

Taking note of her accomplishment with a gender switch is Streep Tease, An Evening of Meryl Streep Monologues, performed by a cast of male actors (not in drag) at Bang Studio on Fairfax, this Saturday, September 5th.

Streep’s work will be presented from Sophie’s Choice, Silkwood, The Devil Wears Prada, Out of Africa, River Wild, Death Becomes Her, Postcards from the Edge and The Bridges of Madison County.

Alas, no one will be wailing, “The dingos got my baby!” (from A Cry in the Dark.) But maybe leaving out dozens of her other roles, like from The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Adaptation, Kramer vs. Kramer and Doubt, to name a few, means a Streep Tease 2 is in the cards.

Streep Tease, Saturday Sept. 5th at 8:00 PM; Bang Studio, 457 Fairfax (at Rosewood Ave.) Los Angeles 90048. Tickets $10 here or at the door.

My encounter with Meryl Streep after the jump. Continue reading Meryl Streep monologues performed by men

New Evacuations: Sunland-Tujunga

EDIT: Also: -New evacuation orders have been issued for between Haines Canyon and Alpine Village in the area bounded on the south by Apperson Street, on the west by Sevenhills Dr. and on the east by Glory Dr. Both sides of Glory Dr.

Advisory, Station Fire-Evacuations, URGENT CNS Network Advisory

The Los Angeles Fire Department has announced mandatory evacuations for residents of the following streets in Sunland-Tujunga:

Click for full map

Seven Hills Drive;

Hillhaven Avenue;

Lonzo Street;

Dos Rios Drive;

Deliban Avenue;

Curland Avenue;

Terecita Road;

Terecita Place;

Samoa Avenue;

Samoa Place;

Parsons Trail;

Grenoble Street;

Hillrose Street;

Pinyon Avenue;

Fairgrove Avenue;

Glory Avenue;

Bellclaire Street.

The evacuations involve between 200 and 300 homes.

Pasadena Humane Society Taking In Evacuated Pets-Donations Needed


Thanks to Sean‘s twitter feed, I learned yesterday that the Pasadena Humane Society, who has taken in 200+ evacuated pets affected by the Station Fire, desperately needs donations of blankets, food, money, etc. I had a case of premium food that my picky dogs won’t touch that I took over to them. I always feel so helpless when a natural disaster is going on and was happy to make a helpful gesture, no matter how small it is in the grand scheme of things.

The Pasadena Humane Society is located at 361 S. Raymond Ave. The facility is closed to all adoptions at this time and are keeping the doors locked. However, you can knock on the door and they will graciously receive your items. While they are typically closed on Mondays, I confirmed that they are accepting donations today. If you have any questions, you can call 626-792-7151.

SGV Bloggers do a fire round-up

Sitting in what is now something like my 5th day of smoke and ash the lack of TV news has been a bit frustrating.  Local blogs however do a nice job of reporting things from where they sit in the area of the fires.  From a list of Pasadena centric blogs I offer up the following:

Fire Threatens Mt. Wilson Observatory, but Legacy Remains in No One May Ever Have The Same Knowledge Again

Courtesy Museum of Jurassic Technology
From Museum of Jurassic Technology

Mount Wilson Road closed today at 6 a.m. after U.S. Forest Service authorities determined that the roaring fires could reach the mountain’s peak. Several radio towers for local broadcast outlets, as well as the historic Mt. Wilson Observatory, sit atop the 5,710-foot peak. The fate of the over-a-century-old facility is uncertain, but the importance of the observatory is undeniable. Designed by turn of the 19th century astronomer George Hale, who coined the term “astrophysics,” the Observatory realigned the way people viewed mankind as it related to the universe. Like the heliocentric model of Copernicus, which obliterated the concept of an Earth-centered universe, Hale’s experiments opened up the aperture on a more complex existence, where humans were perhaps as insignificant as tiny stars adrift in night sky. For some, astronomy struck at the heart of religion, while for others, gazing starward offered an ultimate advance in the search for God. The Museum of Jurassic Technology displays the epistemological questions, theories of God’s location, and Martian dreams sent on hotel stationery, postcards, and sloppily typed letters to Hale and the astronomers of the Observatory in the exhibit, No One May Ever Have The Same Knowledge Again: Letters to Mount Wilson Observatory.

Continue reading Fire Threatens Mt. Wilson Observatory, but Legacy Remains in No One May Ever Have The Same Knowledge Again

Win Tix to The Duke Spirit w/ Band of Skulls TOMORROW

dukespiritWhoops, I almost missed this one! We’ve got tix to see Brit rockers The Duke Spirit. I love these guys for how they blend a heavy, brooding Western sound with 60s girl-group soul using thick sludgy instrumentation in lots of rich, dense layers. What does that mean? It means they’re rad. And lead singer Liela Moss has a sultry, powerful sound that has prolly already earned her legions of devoted man-slaves.

Wanna go see the show? In keeping with the spirit of “the Duke,” tell me your favorite John Wayne movie. Don’t have one? Then tell me your favorite Western flick. Don’t have one? Too fricken’ bad, Skippy.

Info on the show is here.

Did you do something with your hair? (we got a facelift)

Astute readers and people with eyes alike will notice that things look a little different around here. It’s true, we’ve given ourselves a facelift! Yes it’s very exciting, but try to contain yourself. Your family and coworkers will thank you for it. That said it is rather exciting and there are a few big changes we’d like to bring to your attention. This will only take a moment, I promise.

COMMENTS: Comments no longer require registration. Anyone can write anything at any point. This should make some things interesting and maybe a bit more dangerous like the old days. Really interested to hear what you think about this one btw.

ADS: Less of the site is being dedicated to ads now and we finally have a feature many people have been asking for for years- flat rate / self serve! Check out those little square ads to the right, clicking on them will give you an option to buy that spot for a week at a time. Those spots are only for Los Angeles and we tried to make those spots very reasonable price wise as well to allow for local businesses to get in on the fun without having to go through our big scary national ad reps.

RIGHT COLUMN: Is now filled with much more content such as recent comments, our all city twitter stream, a local blog roll (post a comment if we need to add you to that btw) and more photos. We felt that space was kind of being wasted before, so this should put it to better use.

For an overly wordy explanation of why we made some of these changes, check out this post on my own blog but really you know the important stuff now, so enjoy!

Those fires you’ve heard tell about

SoCal Fires - Google Maps

If you have eyes or a nose you’ve certainly noticed the insane amount of smoke in the air the past few days but I’ve heard plenty of people talking about not really knowing where the fires actually are, or assuming they are just some far off brush fire again. Well not so much. These ones are close, and getting closer. The scariest of the four, yes FOUR fires burning around us right now, at least to me, is the Station Fire which is located just north of Pasadena and Glendale (exact location) and is barely contained if at all at last I heard. Yesterday it was around 5% and at least this afternoon that had dropped back to 0%. Apparently this is news to some people as 911 is being flooded with people calling in to report seeing smoke in the sky – no shit.

If you live near this, check out the evacuation centers after the jump. Might be a good idea to know where they are ahead of time, just in case. Continue reading Those fires you’ve heard tell about

Venice Stalker Alert

Anyone know Carina?

Walking around Venice today I saw the above flyer taped to a wall. Actually about a hundred of the above flyer taped all over the place. Walls, light posts, street signs, even trash cans. Nothing was safe from Chad’s reach. You might think this is adorable or cute or even romantic. Of course you might also be a fool.

Lets look a little closer at this-

There is no contact information for Chad, so even if Carina does see this at face value she has no way to get in touch. UNLESS! Unless she already has his digits and simply hasn’t used it yet. And if that’s the case lets paint a picture of how that might have played out. Carina is flying back from a rough weekend in Vegas and gets stuck next to this guy Chad on the plane. Maybe they start off with some small talk, Carina just trying to be friendly and hoping it’ll end there, but no such luck. Chad won’t leave her alone and in efforts to get him to STFU she answers his pestering questions and says she lives in Venice but doesn’t say where. The whole flight Chad is trying to get her contact info and she’s not budging so at the end Chad gives her all his contact info then goes home expecting to get a call right away. Which never comes. Each day Chad gets more anxious about not hearing back from Carina and after a month of no calls (yeah, check the date on the flyer) he prints up a bunch of these and plasters them all over Venice hoping she’ll see them and be reminded of her undying love for that dude she met on the flight that she barely remembers because of her massive hangover. Of course she’ll never really see them because she actually lives in Boyle Heights or something and was just trying to run interference with the Venice bit.

Or maybe it is cute and adorable and Chad is just a huge dumbass and forgot to put his contact info on the flyer.

Parking Tard-Burbank Edition


I had to run out to my vet this afternoon to pick up some medication. I was driving east on Burbank Blvd. (the way this monster of a truck is facing) and attempted to turn right into the partially blocked parking lot. Luckily, I have a small car, but I still had to back out into the street and maneuver to pull in. When I went across the street to take a photo, I saw several other cars have the same difficulty. Except for the Jeep that just drove right over the curb! Maybe this person hates pets. Whatever the case, he’s a jerk.