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Arent I adorable? Im soft too.
Aren't I adorable? I'm soft too.

Hi! My name is Tiny. I was born with my brother & sister in the middle of a backyard in Canoga Park. I was very hungry for a long time, even though Mom nursed me & watched over me. Then Mom & us kittens went over the wall into a nice lady’s yard. She is a funny-looking lady with green hair and big black shoes and she’s always typing on her computer. I make her sneeze. But she feeds us! Lots! So I’m getting big and strong and she can’t feel my ribs as much any more. But I’m still the smallest of the three of us kittens, which is why she named me Tiny.

The crazy lady loves me, but she is already taking care of lots of big grown-up cats. She picks me up & holds me & pets me and I love it. I am snuggly and cuddly and curious, I like to sit on people’s shoulders, and I need a good, safe home. Because raccoons try to eat us here, and a neighbor kid has a BB gun, and there are big dogs that run loose. I need a safe home where I will stay indoors and be loved & petted.

If you would like to adopt me, email the crazy green-haired lady at lucindamichele (at) gmail (daht) com. And to learn more about the place called FixNation where the crazy lady is getting all us homeless cats spayed & neutered for free, click here.

9 thoughts on “Metblogs Kitten O’ the Day”

  1. Ahhh she’s so cute! I’m a little allergic too but she is mighty tempting. Is she kitty box trained?

  2. Not yet; she’s been living outdoors. But she always goes over to the same spot to do her business, and she digs a little hole & then covers it, so I think if she came across a cat box she’d know what to do. :)

  3. I already have two but I’ve made a donation to FixNation, they sound like a good thing. And both of my cats are rescues….but I’m not sure if I rescued them or they rescued me.

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