Today’s Snapshot: Why Is This Alligator Lizard Smiling?

liazrd1(click pic to go big)

It has little reason to. After first finding its tail under a bunched up mat in the kitchen last night my wife Susan found the rest of this Southern alligator lizard huddled in a corner, no doubt the doings of Jiggy, the most enthusiastic and successful hunter of our quartet of cats.

Rather than release it this morning and give Jig potentially another crack at finishing the poor — but otherwise seemingly healthy — critter off, I put it in our backyard tortoise hutch where I snapped this snake-like portrait of it nestled into the wood ships and then left it to recuperate and relax with no risk of attack — unless Buster the tortoise decides to go all teenage mutant ninja on it.

Where was this taken? It was taken here.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook
Inter Here
Dueling Coyotes
Restoration Era
The Domain Of The Green Lynx

9 thoughts on “Today’s Snapshot: Why Is This Alligator Lizard Smiling?”

  1. Aww.

    Lucky little fella. Everything that I find lovingly left on my doorstep is always dead. Just found another sad little mousie yesterday. Ugh. :p

  2. So Will, did you basically post your address on the intarwebs? You have more balls than I do…

  3. Ha, bmayhem. I don’t know if it’s a surplus of testiculation or a deficit of braincellification, but indeed that’s what I’ve done — with this post and several others in this series.

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