Where Do You Get Inked?

Travis' blank canvas
Travis' blank canvas
Julia's naked wrist
Julia's naked wrist

Hello you fine Metblog readers–Julia and I are planning an outing involving the other kind of guns. That is, we’re gonna get new tattoos, but the thing is we’re not hip enough to have our own “guy” or even a tattoo parlor to which we are attached. We talked over a few possibilities and then it occurred to us that we have the world’s greatest resource right here in you, the Metbloggerazzi. So tell us, where¬† should we go get inked? Please leave suggestions in the comments and we will report back after we are decorated.

Thank you in advance!

17 thoughts on “Where Do You Get Inked?”

  1. Lots of reason why I would recommend Zulu on Crescent Hts just north of Third.

    First, I had it done 15 years ago and it has not really lots its sharpness. This isn’t luck, its the skill of the tattooist.

    Also, there’s the owner, Roni (spelling?) He’s worth the price of the tattoo. I ran into him last year and he remembered me as a customer before I said anything to him. Very mellow, (sometime sin a bowler hat) lot of tattoos of course, including his face.

    When I went there his area of expertise was in the Black Wave school, he and his assistants might have branched out since then.

  2. Julia/Travis – let me know when you’re planning on going!!! I’ve been dying to get a tat for years, but want moral support while I’m doing it. :-) Lynn

  3. For my last tattoo I walked into a place in 29 Palms without doing any research or planning ahead of time. Like, we were driving down the street and said, hey! Let’s get tattoos! I don’t recommend my method, although we did totally luck out and get a great guy.

  4. I have no suggestions, but this is something I’ve been dying to do! I’m so wishy-washy though and can’t figure out the WHAT and WHERE on the body! If I think of something soon, I’d love to join in the fun!

  5. Seymour at Black Wave did my sleeve. He’s usually booked up weeks/months in advance though;-( Freewind at Black Wave is booked up years in advance;-( ;-(

  6. Oh, I am so in. Been wanting to get a small 2nd tat for awhile. Send me info. What’ll you do, book the guy for the day?


  7. Okay people, I think we have decided on the Tattoo Lounge on Venice in Mar Vista. (Hey, if it’s good enough for Tupac, it’s good enough for us.) Thing is, we have to call Sunday morning to see if they have space for us. So… Sunday morning at 11 we’re going to see what we can set up. And we will have pizza. And hopefully tattoos. We’ll tweet the plan Sunday morning.

  8. In case Tattoo Lounge doesn’t pan out, may I suggest Kim @ Prix on Sunset. She’s amazing, super chill, and does amazing work. She’s done all of my work so far (4 pieces), and will add to it on Saturday night, for both me and my sister. You can see her portfolio at http://www.breweryink.com , or contact her at [email protected]. Wherever you decide to go ~ wishing you all the best (that goes for the Pizza, too…my boss and I are dying to try that place out…he’s old school from Brooklyn, so he’s chompin’ at the bit to get over there!) Post pics when you’re done, so we can see the fab results!

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