A Different Kind Of Blues Festival


Ready for a whale of a time? My Candyblogging good friend and former Metblogs contributor Cybele just reminded me that an organization near and dear to her seafaring heart, the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Cetacean Society (ACS-LA), is hosting its Annual Blue Whale Trip, which will be setting sail this Saturday from Santa Barbara.

The ACS-LA is calling this “the best summer whale-watching season in memory.”

From its latest report: “The krill showed up early and in vast quantities. The humpback whales put on a great show throughout the spring and neglected to leave like they often do when the blue whales showed up. The blue whales also arrived early and have stayed in the same general area. And for the last month, the krill has been on the surface almost every day. That means surface lunge feeding blue and humpback whales. Every day seems to be better than the day before.”

This is an all-day excursion in the Santa Barbara Channel aboard the 88-foot catamaran Condor Express that weighs anchor at 8 a.m. and returns to port at approximately  4 p.m., and the ACS-LA has announced its extending the early bird $99 discount fare right up to the date of the trip. A continental breakfast is included in the price and there will be a raffle. More info here.

Photo is one of Cybele’s from her Flickr photoset of the 2007 trip.

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