“Lost” in Los Angeles: “Lost University” being taught by local professors

lostuniversityInstead of taking the typical Alternate Reality Game approach between seasons, the producers behind ABC TV’s “Lost” are readying the launch of a series of online classes and lectures with lessons on the source material behind the myth heavy series.

Viewers who enroll in “Lost University” will be able to study languages, such as Korean, Latin, and Iraqi Arabic, Hieroglyphics, Time Travel, and Jungle Survival, among other topics that fans will immediately see the importance of, as well as philosophy and psychology classes that will use show references as analogies.

Los Angeles “Lost” fans should be especially proud that most of these classes are taught by actual professors and teachers from USC and UCLA, including fellow blogger Clifford Johnson (Asymptotia.com), a USC physics professor who will be presenting a course on time travel along with Sean Carrol of the California Institute of Technology and Nick Warner, another Trojan.

UCLA’s Dr. Kara Cooney and Ph.D. student Eric Wells will be presenting lessons on hieroglyphics; the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute Eunhye Kim and Muriel Szkocki will be teaching basic Korean and French, respectively, while advanced language lessons on Arabic and Latin will be taught by UCLA’s Yasin Alkhalesi, PhD and Karen Gunterman. Psychology lessons all come via USC professors, Sharon Lloyd, Shlomo She, and Stephen Finlay.

Alongside the class listings, Lost University also provides a reading list for each class for anyone hoping to get a headstart on their studies. For a quick directory on how to browse and purchase some of these books, check out my “Lost University Reading List” page on CreepyLA. If nothing else, “Lost” fans will appreciate the curiously familiar names of authors of some of these tomes.

Classes and lectures through “Lost University” are apparently all via video, ¬†either presented online, included on the upcoming Blu-Ray release of Season 5, or a combination of both, along with class schedules, tests, and progress exercised on the website, although I’m sure many Southern California Losties wouldn’t be tardy if some of these courses were held in real life… minus the massive tuition fees of UCLA or USC.

Here’s the promo video for Lost University:


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  1. “minus the massive tuition fees of UCLA or USC”

    Given that tuition at USC is about $30,000 more than UCLA, this is a pretty amusing equivalency. Better to say that this is one of the only opportunities to hear a USC prof lecture without having to file for bankruptcy.

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