Today’s Snapshot: The Domain Of The Green Lynx

Aaaaall riiiiight, go ahead: Color me obsessed with the sunflower patch I plantedĀ  in the backyard as part of the Great Sunflower Project. But the place is a veritable eco-magnet, drawing a wide array of birds, mammals and insects, and it seems rarely does a visit not yield some new creature taking up residence in one of the 17 blooms. This morning’s find was this entirely patient green lynx spider posing in the following photo I’m particularly proud of:

greenlynx(click pic to go big if you’re not a total arachnophobe)

Where was this taken? It was taken here.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook
Inter Here
Dueling Coyotes

Restoration Era

4 thoughts on “Today’s Snapshot: The Domain Of The Green Lynx”

  1. What a beauty! When I used to plant sunflowers, I loved watching the Stellar jays perched on the top of the flower, bending over to pull the seeds out and eat them. The flower head (almost a foot across, and over five foot high) would bob with the bird’s movements, making for a graceful garden ballet.
    Our plans to harvest the seeds for ourselves changed to dharing the harvest with those who worked so well to harvest their share. Since the sunflowers were in a garden with tomato plants, there were spiders there too, but I didn’t know what kind, just that they kept other less desirable insects under control.
    I was in Atwater on Thursday, just off Los Feliz, around the corner from Bigfoot Lounge (and a chinese restaurant) and saw sunflowers planted outside the wall of a house on the side street–thought of you and yourf lowers. Hope they’re enjoying theirs as well.

  2. Woaw! Totally amazing. I am glued to the screen and to the dude’s eyes. Getting cross-eyed myself.

  3. I don’t know nothin’ bout no sunflowers, but that photo of the spider is incredible.

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