Anderson Cooper 420

acpot3Anderson Cooper ventured into a medicinal marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles recently and brought along a camera crew to capture him ogling the goods for sale. It was one segment of a circumspect, comprehensive (for MSM, anyway) report about the movement to legalize the weed that I watched last night on his CNN news program, Anderson Cooper 360. By turns balanced and illuminating, it examined perceived pros and cons to consider in the march to legalization.

Cooper was drolly amusing as he perused the LA pot store, pausing to consider the different pot-laced goodies– brownies, cakes, sodas, biscotti, gelato (!) and of course, the dried weed itself. At one point, he paused to open a jar and took a whiff. “Smells like marijuana,” he said dryly, his blue eyes twinkling.

acpot2Another segment veered into the bizarre, reporting on the downside of improperly prescribed pot for a Van Nuys woman with mental health issues.  She agreed to be interviewed on camera but insisted on blocking her face by holding up a very large cat as she talked.

The Anderson Cooper 360 site includes a report by Dan Simon pointing out the saturation of LA with pot stores— something most people here are aware of. But the numbers are startling and were news to me. Who knew that the 600+ marijuana dispensaries outnumber McDonald’s, Starbucks and 7/11s?

Think about that the next time you bitch about stumbling upon yet another of the green, goddess-emblazoned, Seattle-based emporiums. There’s another green goddess on the rise.

A few clips of the AC 360 pot spots can be found on the CNN site’s video page, including an interview with Melissa Ethridge about her marijuana use during cancer treatment and a truncated version of the pot store tour.