So You’re Not Going To Comic-Con

So you’re not going to Comic-Con this year.

Maybe Comic-Con just isn’t your thing. Perhaps you couldn’t find a ticket or you have to work. Or there could be a certain restraining order prohibiting you from crossing the San Diego county line. Whatever the reason, the arrival of Comic-Con is not only good news for the scores of attendees, but it also brings deliciously sweet solace to those of us staying here in L.A. this weekend. Just think of how much easier it’s going to be with far fewer geeks, nerds, fanboys and fangirls to get in the way of the following awesome goings on:

Thursday, July 23

Celebrate Clairefest XXV This Thursday at Footsie's!
Celebrate Clairefest XXV This Thursday at Footsie's!

The Annual Clairefest XXV Barty (Beer/Party = Barty) – Friend of the blog, Claire has invited everyone in L.A. to Footsie’s this Thursday night to celebrate her 25th birthday. “Potato tacos are on me!” she exclaims. So get there early if you want a taco and bring lots of presents.

Footsie’s, 2640 N Figueroa St, LA, CA 90065. Fun starts @ 9pm.

Saturday, July 25

The Muppet Movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery Join Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and other muppet superstars in the original feature film from the gentle genius of Henson Studios. This is the ‘true’ story of the muppets’ rise to stardom as Kermit travels across the country to Hollywood, collecting friends along the way and dodging the evil owner of a frog legs restaurant. Great cameos from a raft of stars, clever jokes and amazing muppet magic, make for the most genuine, touching and inspiring of musical comedies for children young and old. Join the lovers, the dreamers and me under the stars for the special 30th anniversary of this classic (synopsis ripped from

Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd. Gates open at 7pm. $10 donation.

Hollywood Outdoor Cinema’s Yelp Free Movie Night – See The Big Lebowski in the Circuit City parking lot (hat tip to Claire for informing me of this), free for Yelp RSVPers! Go here to RSVP:

Circuit City Parking Lot, 4400 W. Sunset Blvd, LA, CA 90027.  7:30pm.

Sunday, July 26

Cheech and Chong: Up In Smoke at Hollywood Forever Cemetery – The last Sunday screening of the season. Cheech and Chong’s classic from the 70s was their first and most hilarious feature film. Two worlds of comedy collide when a chicano from the neighborhood and a rich wayward hippie join forces against the man. See Chong meet Cheech while hitchhiking on the pacific coast highway. Follow their smoked out exploits as they try to make it as a rock band. See them inadvertantly avoid the most frustrated cop in the world (a brilliant Stacey Keach). See them battle punk bands in the Rock Fight on the sunset strip. See Cheech and Chong go up in smoke! (synopsis ripped from

DJ Dante Carfagna will be spinning before and after the screening, both Saturday and Sunday night.

Cinespia Cemetery Screenings at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd. Gates open at 7pm. $10 donation.

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  1. I’m not much of a drinker but I’ve always wanted to go there just to see the place. I know they use it in a lot of films and tv series…so when you’re there partying, try to see how many times you’ve already seen the place on tv….happy birthday Claire!

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  3. holy fuck! claire barty! I’m gonna have to double my appearance at XXVI since I’m gonna be out of town for this one.

  4. Also on Sunday, Grace Jones at the Hollywood Bowl. Grace F’ing Jones! With of Montreal and Dengue Fever.

    And, don’t forget the Echo Park Lake Paddle Boat Regatta on Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm. Even if you can’t make it, you can still sponsor MetBlogs’ own Burns! (hey, that’s me!) at

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