Girlie Girl Catfight Show Body-Slams LA This Weekend!

Photo of Francesca Zappitelli by Marc Smith
Photo of Francesca Zappitelli by Marc Smith

From the insane minds behind Lucha VaVoom–the unholiest marriage of Mexican lucha wrestling and burlesque ever imagined–comes the Girlie Girl Catfight Show, this Saturday the 25th at the El Rey Theatre.

Villainous vixens and sultry sirens battle it out in the ring, and this time the theme is 60s spies–you know, like Emma Peel, Pussy Galore and Holly Goodhead. (Last time the theme was “pirates.”) And it’s not sleazy or trashy like most female wrestling; well, it is sleazy and trashy, but in a very playful and self-aware way. Like the burlesque revival & roller derby, the Girly Girl Catfight Show is about taking back something that had been objectifying and exploitative, and making it a body-positive, playful, bad-ass empowering grrrrrrl experience.

Wanna see these fierce females battle for supremacy? Tell me what YOUR spy name would be. Boy, girl, it doesn’t matter; just tell me your ideal spy name. The best thing about this show? Every single one of these Bond girls could kick that sexist spy’s ass any day.

Even if you don’t win tix from us, you should still totally go. You can buy tickets here.

7 thoughts on “Girlie Girl Catfight Show Body-Slams LA This Weekend!”

  1. I’m a guy but my spy name would be Amanda Bighands. I’d wear a tight cocktail dress, in order to seduce my targets, and when the lights go out in the bedroom – BAM! – I’d take off my dress and reveal my holstered package… and my gun.

  2. I can’t be part of the contest, but I think Anita Feel would be a great woman’s spy name. BTW, Holly Goodhead is from the 70s (almost the 80s), not the 60s. Sorry, but I’m a big Bond fan.

  3. My spy name would be Anita Tourniquette

    the -te makes it girlie-girlier, I feel, while reminding you that everywhere I go, there are injuries abound.

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