Classic Eats #6: El Cholo Wrap Up

elcholosignLast Saturday was Classic Eats #6 at El Cholo on Western. It was a quiet affair, just nine of us in attendance, but we got some new Classic Eaters initiated and there was lots of fun discussion about upcoming possible locations for Classic Eats #7 and beyond. The margaritas, the nachos, the green corn tamales, the conversation and the company were all top drawer!

Classic Eats #7 will be in August and I’m going to bet it will be hot. Help me with suggestions about some outdoor, shaded, chill-out classic place we can all congregate to. Lucy’s El Adobe has a great covered patio, so I’ll keep it on the vote list for next time. Please put your suggestions in the comments. Remember, it needs to be Classic LA, old school, been around for ages, historical in some way.

Thanks again to all who attended and we’ll see you next time!

One more pic after the jump.

Classic Eats at a Classic Eatery
Classic Eats at a Classic Eatery

8 thoughts on “Classic Eats #6: El Cholo Wrap Up”

  1. The company was great. We all laugh so much. The bachelorette party with the baby? Hilarious.
    The food? They invented nachos. How could they go wrong. It’s blue corn tamale time; mine was kind of skimpy on the chili and cheese, but still very good.

  2. Good to see everyone again!

    Though it isn’t in the city proper, if people want to do outside, there’s lunch at Quality Seafood at the Redondo Beach Pier International Boardwalk for steamed crab, oysters, live sea urchin, etc.:

    They’ve been around for like 50 years.

  3. If we wanted a second venue for cocktails along with Quality Seafood, the Redondo Beach Pier also features Old Tony’s. There’s a great bar at the top, with 360° view of the pier/harbor (nice place for the sunset.) The mai tais are excellent, and you get to keep the glass.

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