The Anti-HOA yard of the day: Gone Fishin’ for mail

anti_hoa1Welcome to the first in what will be a random and sporadic series of posts celebrating the “Anti-HOA yard of the day”.  HOA, as in Home Owner’s Associations that control and dictate how your property looks to maintain that banal cookie cutter sameness.  It stifles the little silliness like this mail box.

The lack of HOA’s in most of LA’s neighborhoods is one of the things I love about this city.  Every neighborhood has its own character yet there is an individuality to each home that makes it special.  It is this freedom that needs to be celebrated.  It certainly better than making sure you have the right Stevenson Ranch Rose or Brookstone Beige when the time comes to repaint your home.  This will be a little celebration of the “yard art” or entire homes that uniquely set themselves apart from their neighbors.

I do need to give a hat tip to our own Lucinda Michele for the inspiration for this series.  Her series “Random yard of the valley” always is charming when they pop up and certainly one I enjoy.

Pic by me from a recent meander and it does get bigger with a clickaroo.

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