10 thoughts on “Separation of Church and State?”

  1. I’ve read that in some states certain license plate requests are denied based on their message. Some are vulgar, but some simply express an atheist point of view. Of course, I can’t recall specific examples of states or messages now. Someone with better Net-fu than mine can research that. Point is, if someone can have “KnowGod,” how come I can’t have “NoGod?”

  2. @Burns, it’s a serious issue what states will permit or prohibit on their license plates, sometimes on a seemingly arbitrary basis depending on the whims of those in power at the time. But on a lighter note, I can recall two examples which, although they point up the problem, at least caused me to laugh:

    1. An accountant had the license plate GET N SUM. One motorist saw it and complained, and the state DMV ordered the driver to forfeit the plate. The driver appealed, arguing that he was merely referring to his interest and skill in numbers, but his appeal failed. The last name of the official making the decision was Dickinson. The accountant made the brilliant and hilarious argument that, under the same logic being applied by Mr. Dickinson, his own last name should be banned, since it was ten times more obscene than the accountant’s license plate.

    2. A colorful professor of Medieval history at my college in Georgia applied for the license plate MERDE (meaning “shit” in French) on his powder blue VW Beetle, and was rejected. But he got the last laugh. He could be seen driving around campus with the license plate BUMBULUM. He said, laughing, that “it’s the Latin word for ‘fart’!”

  3. Maybe it just means “Jésus Loves Nancy”. You know, Jésus Gutierrez, the guy who owns the llantas shop over on Soto St.?

  4. maybe it’s a reference to “heroin,” the velvet underground song.

    “when i’m racin’ on my run
    and i feel just like jesus’ son”

    yeah, that’s what it is.

  5. I think my favorite license plate that I actually saw on a vehicle was: “IV NIK 8.” Fornicate. HAHAhahaha.

  6. A classic I saw in ’92 or so:

    2CND069 [standard CA issue digit – 3 letters – 3 digits format]

    The license frame tipped me off: “No it’s not a personalized plate”

    /Two can do 69

  7. Don’t forget what Matt & Steve (one of them anyway) went through to get “SLUSHO” on their license plate because……..it sounded like it could be offensive or something?? They appealed and it worked!

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