LA’s Top Dogs, Courtesy the LA Times

The 53rd most popular dog in LA, the Shiba Inu. Finally, something Idgie does not dominate.

I was playing a bit with the LA Times’ budget calculator when something else on its Data Desk page caught my eye: LA’s Top Dogs.  I know Chal posted about this last year, but for those unfamilar, the paper has culled together the county’s most popular dog breeds and names based on canine registration records.  As they point out, only a fraction of owners actually register their dog, so the results here are naturally skewed … but this doesn’t stop this data set from being a most fascinating (and completely pointless) time sucker now that I have a dog.  For example, I looked up her breed (the headstrong Shiba Inu) and discovered that there are 1,097 registered Shiba Inus, making it the 53rd most popular breed in town, right after the German Shorthair but before the butterfly-eared Papillion.   Most of the registered Shibas seem to be clustered around the southern end of the county for some reason – 42 total in Long Beach, 27 in Torrance, 25 in my hometown of Cerritos.  Seven dogs share her name (Idgie), which is no match for the most popular dog name: a whopping 6,502 dog owners have named their dogs Lucky.  Naming your pup was never so hard.

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